The Jobs – Sailing Upon the Times EP

Trevor Meyer and Thomas Heun’s musical relationship began at school as musical rivals in competing bands. Since then they have joined forces and now form the songwriting team behind The Jobs, with Marc Barone on bass and Jon Schlote on drums. Their new EP ‘Sailing Upon the Times’ has already been well received, with several singles being released in anticipation of the EP introducing a new wave of followers to their sound since their debut release back in 2015.

The EP is filled to the brim with glossy, surf guitars that reverberate between your ears and dreamy, high voices that delectly harmonise together from beginning to end. The second track on the EP, ‘Transmission Radio’, begins at a very different pace to the other tracks, starting with a hammered piano chord followed by moving Beach Boy like harmonies. The song’s chirpy chorus bounces along with a great feel good factor despite its subtle melancholy undertones. With dynamic interplay between the repeated sung phrase of “we are counting on you” and subtle strummed guitar chords the rumbling bass and drums burst into a frenzy of rhythm and groove that you can’t help nodding along too. If you’re a fan of indie acts such as The Magic Gang, this song will be right up your street.  

Lyrically, Trevor and Thomas explore a wide variety of themes, mainly influenced by describing what they see around them, from landscapes, travel and the sea. But they also have another side to their lyrical content looking at deeper topics such as recuperation, loss and isolation and physical and mental challenges, perhaps derivative of their more emo inspirations.

The penultimate song on the EP continues the concise tones and sound that The Jobs have created throughout the five tracks. It kicks off with a punky bass drum and echoing voices that build up in the verse. The drums in this song are rapid and impressive and create a solid grounding paralleled to the continued soaring guitars that sparkle in your ears like sunlight on a beach wave. 

With much recognition on public playlists The Jobs have clearly perfected the sound of their music that incorporates many elements that create a blend of poppy indie goodness. Hopefully the new year will see the songwriting duo advance their writing skills and the band develop their sound and produce more coherent tunes.

Words by: Louis Upton-Wheeler

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