Rivita releases thought provoking new single ‘Speed Limit’

Release Date – 15th June 2021

Words: Kim Holder

Rivita is a singer-songwriter and producer from India, now based in LA. Her songs are from the pop genre and she writes about how she travels the world and the people that she meets along the way. She has a very do it yourself approach when it comes to her music, as she sings, writes and produces all of her tracked herself.

“Speed Limit” is a new release from Rivita. It is a track that embraces the emotion of relinquishing the human race that sometimes life becomes and to start looking at things more positively and becoming more relaxed. This is very relatable for people during these strange times during Covid- 19, as it has given some people to take a step back from their busy and stressful lives and to become more relaxed and positive about themselves.

“Think I need a break” are lyrics from this song. This refers to the feeling that she needed time away from her busy life to just slow down and reevaluate everything happening around her. This is a very relatable topic for people in this day and age. I enjoyed listening to this track and was hooking as soon as I heard the tune at the start. It made me think about trying to fit in some extra time to just relax, as I currently live a busy life and need to take some time for myself more. I feel as though a lot of people will relate and Rivita has created a thought-provoking track with this one”

I would highly recommend everyone to give this track a listen. It’ll be a great listen if you having a relaxing day and will have you hooked right from the start. Rivita deserves more attention after the release of this track. So go and give this one a listen now!

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