Richard Carlson band release single ‘Langham’s Lies’ from their forthcoming debut album

RELEASE DATE: 8th October 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

Manchester/Sheffield quartet Richard Carlson Band have just released their brand new single ‘Langham’s Lies’.

Set to appear on the track lineup of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Langham’s Lies’ carries dirty riffs and captivating rhythm, accompanied by a slightly distorted mixture of deep vocals. The singular bass which sets the track off would not go amiss as the opening track at one of their gigs. As the first track I’ve heard from the band, it had me intrigued to go and hear more.

‘Plaster’ follows on from this as the B-side to the track. With this tune comes a dystopian feel, slowing down the pace once more from its predecessor. From also hearing the earlier releases – ‘You Can’t Stop I Can Feel It’ and ‘Puerile Bouquet’ – by Richard Carlson Band, it is evident the band have made a shift in their sound. Bringing into play a heavier instrumental to accompany the vocals by frontman Brad Cadman.

You can catch the band on a mini tour in October, the first of which will be reviewed here at Talk Tonight:
● 14th – Dive Bar, Hull.
● 15th – Peer Hat, Manchester
● 16th – Shakespeares, Sheffield

I’m sure these releases are just a start for these four, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting their next number from their forthcoming debut ‘Pub Covers’.

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