The Charlatans get a 10/10 – Bournemouth Review

Words: Laine Roberts

Back at the O2 Academy but this time it’s for one of my favourite bands (4th in my Spotify wrapped this year may I add) The Charlatans! 

This is a band I know very well and I was lucky enough to go to see their 30th Anniversary Tour. Tim Burgess (Lead singer), Mark Collins (Guitarist), Martin Blunt (Bass), Tony Rodgers (Keyboards) and who I’m sure was Peter Salisbury previously with The Verve on drums set out a year late technically making this the 31st anniversary tour alongside a boxset with 60+ demos to studio to live versions of songs from 1990 onwards. 

With 13 studio albums under their belts I think it’s fair to say that there literally wasn’t a bad song on this setlist. A long intro heading into ‘Forever’ kicked us off! When Tim walked on stage in a lovely jumper I felt the crowd that was there was ready to go. Unlike The Darkness, I got myself within the first 5 rows or so of the stage for this one and they did not let anybody down. 

‘Weirdo’, ‘Can’t Get Out of Bed’ and ‘Then’ followed in what turned out to be a setlist with 21 songs, lasting a little longer than most gigs. They came on at 8:45 and finished 10:30pm which certainly makes it worth your money at a very fair price for bands of this stature. Of course they played ‘Just When You’re Thinking Things Over’, ‘One to Another’, ‘North Country Boy’ and ‘How High’ before taking a small break before the encore.

If you didn’t know before it was obvious they’d have to finish on ‘Sproston Green’ and the mosh pit size showed how much the crowd loved not just the band, but the whole gig. 


The venue is obviously my new local, 8/10, 1800 capacity with excellent staff again.

The crowd was a 5/5! Lots of singing along, jumping, dancing, drinking although being down the front probably helped this score.

The Charlatans are 10/10 as well. I absolutely love Tim Burgess, his listening parties, his music, just him and this band are the whole package!

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