‘Seventeen Going Under’ (Acoustic) Track Review

Release Date – 10th December 2021

As we approach these dark and cold December evenings, Sam Fender has released the perfect winter comforter, with his new version of the title track of his second album ‘Seventeen Going Under‘. The collaboration with up-and-coming artist Holly Humberstone is a soft, harmonious one, essential for late-night winter journeys or cold, coffee-infused afternoons. The duet sees the two alternating lines throughout the song, a wonderful blend of Fender’s unmistakable Geordie accent with Humberstone’s tranquil tones. While the original version holds all the excitement and enthusiasm of ‘The Borders’ or ‘Hypersonic Missiles’, this heartfelt cover is perfect for the winter season.

As is a common theme in Fender’s tunes, a narrative unfolds retelling stories of childhood struggles, broken homes and family relationships. A sense of nostalgia, regret and self-reflection is evident in the first-person story. The song opens with the melancholic lyrics “I remember the sickness was forever” and descriptions of violence and upset. Fender has a wonderful habit, though, of finding hope in dark places, and this song is no different, where despite this dilapidated home, an ’embryonic love’ still manages to form.

The duo go on to exchange memories of working-class homes, recalling fits of passion they have experienced. Aptly, the song follows no rigid structure but allows the story and emotion to blossom, where their reflections take hold of the narrative and tell it honestly, with raw vocals that build continuously. a repetition of ‘God, the kid looks so sad’ from both artists drives home the passion of this song, emphasised by an understated, modest chord progression which allows their vocals to flourish.

With Christmas encroaching and cosy evenings pending, this track is definitely one to have on repeat.

Published by Olivia Dennison

Third year English student & creative based in Manchester.

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