‘Shotgun’ is a dreamy new hit for Anna of the North!

POV: you’re road-tripping with your friends and blissfully reflecting out of the window, feeling thankful for the wonderful people and places that surround you. You’re contemplating life and the great journey you’ve made on your travels, and looking into the sky wondering where you will go next, your feet dangling from the edge of a trailer on the highway.

What song is playing in the background complementing your existential moment? Anna of the North’s dreamy, new track ‘Shotgun’. Released 31st December 2021, the track is accredited to Anna Lotterud herself and Hver Gang vi møtes, a collaboration of seven Norwegian artists of which she is a member.

This humble track manages to emote vibes of summer and winter simultaneously. There are themes of freedom and independence, and the song portrays a sense of moving forward whilst also reflecting on accomplishment – ‘I cry a little less, getting better at surviving’. A melodic, acoustic guitar accompanies the artist’s soft vocals.

The song holds a similar sense of adolescent positivity as some of the artist’s other strong tunes such as ‘My Love’ and ‘Dream Girl’. While she is no longer a young teenager herself, Lotterud has experienced colossal changes in her music career, after a split with her previous, long-standing producer Brady Daniell-Smith. This explains the sense of rediscovery and growth that is still present in her music.

And with the feel-good factor this song brings us, we hope Anna of the North continues to enjoy the journey of finding herself. It’s never too late to restart.

Published by Olivia Dennison

Third year English student & creative based in Manchester.

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