The Wombats set off the year with their funky fifth album ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’

When you hear the name ‘The Wombats’, I’m sure tracks such as ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ or Tik Tok bop ‘Greek Tragedy’ come straight to mind. Forming in 2003, the Liverpool trio started putting their name on the indie music map from their debut and beyond. They still remain to this day arguably one of the most successful bands to come out of the indie-pop scene in recent years. Over their 19 years as a band, they have continued to build momentum; and now even those who were almost too young to know them in their initial days, have waited with anticipation for this next release. Last Friday (14th January) saw the release of their fifth studio album ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’ on the back of a string of intimate shows and ahead of an O2 Arena gig this April.

It is evident that as a band they still hold the capability of creating a sound that is unique to them, influenced with ideas from others who fit the ‘indie’ bracket from the 90s era and beyond. We were treated initially with a string of singles from the album, which roused excitement from the get go. ‘Method to the Madness’ was the first insight we got into the album in 2021… it’s chilled out aura and gentle pace make for a bit of a slowburner, but it soon picks up and explodes into a mixture of powerful vocals and harsher riffs. The obsessive lover scenario in ‘If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You’ and 90s influenced ‘Ready for the High’ are reminiscent of their earlier material. The first incorporates an up-tempo delivery combined with electro-pop instrumentals, the latter bringing more of a rock vibe, with a fitting message for the start of the new year that better times are coming… it would not go amiss as the opener on their upcoming tour.

Post-punk album opener ‘Flip Me Upside Down’ focuses on being driven crazy by somebody. Lyrics “then you walk in the room and my tongue gets tied” and “one last slide down the rabbit hole” evoke feelings we can all resonate with… the track is the perfect introduction to album five, filled with eruptive percussion and synth-guitars. ‘Everything I Love is Going to Die’ is super infectious, and ‘Wildfire’ brings a Glitterbug feel with ethereal vocals and repetitive percussion throughout. As a band I have followed for many years now, a key thing with them is their ability to bring a different ‘vibe’ and new appeals with every release, while they continue to put out music synonymous with early noughties indie-pop that first caught our attention. This can be seen across the full lineup of the album, which has racked up millions of listens across the board.

‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’ is available to listen to across major streaming platforms, and you can keep up to date with news across their social media.

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