Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)

When Michael returned into our messages with a new single, I was keen to listen. After his releases in 2020 including the ‘Poetic Nonsense’ EP, I was excited to hear the new direction Michael was going to take his music after a well earned break.

But nothing could have prepared me for the Leicester local to move away from his indie acoustic roots to a Streets-esque vibe with Michael showing his versatility as he raps over an old-school beat and melodic keys lead that wouldn’t be amiss on ‘Original Pirate Material’.

The laid back feel around the track, supported by the superb vocals on the chorus by Isla Wolfe, seperates from the lyrics which are deep, discussing the ‘new normal’, a “boozy all-dayer” and the “old silent treatment” from his new girlfriend.

In the past, I have heaped praise on Michael specifically for his vocal performances, but this new style of singing on ‘Don’t Stop’ is just as impressive, showing a wide range and moving away from his comfort zone, something many artists are afraid to do. As part of an upcoming EP ‘Words To That Effect’, if he continues on this path, the sky is the limit for Vickers.

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