Jamie Webster: The man Taking on the Tories Through his Lyrics

This week Jamie Webster released his second album ‘Moments’ following on from his successful debut album ‘We Get By’. His debut album, covered heavily by us here at Talk Tonight, had a theme throughout of politics and the Tory government. Lyrics such as “sick and tired of the bad news stories, sick and tired of the crooked Tories’ were a monumental in Jamie’s reach to the working class masses, and his new album carries on in the same vein.

Jamie, a former electrician started out doing covers in pubs in Liverpool and singing songs about his beloved Liverpool Football Club. On Friday 28th January, he released his second album ‘Moments’ and has continued his story as one of the most exciting upcoming artists in a generation.

It is certainly hard to pick a favourite song from this album, but in my opinion it is ‘North End Kid’. Talking about a boy with a dream and escaping from the real world into his own through his “medicine, where he goes to heaven”. His lyrics are pungent and his sound is unique.

Jamie announced another tour of the UK for 2022. What a year it could be for the lad from Liverpool.

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