Gaz Price Releases his hometown inspired new single ‘Down The Road’

Gaz Price has kicked off his 2022 with his new single ‘Down The Road’. A groovy single full of lovely lead guitar licks, a melodic beat and heartfelt lyrics about his hometown Hartlepool.

Inspired by the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses, the young musician shows clear vocal influence from the likes of Liam Gallagher with his nasally singing blending beautifully with the instrumental.

Speaking on the single, Gaz said “Down The Road is a song about real people going about their lives. It may not always go to plan or be perfect in any way, but that will never diminish our happiness and pride in who we are.”

This feel good indie tune is a great one for those long journeys, or for being roung the BBQ in the summer with a lovely cider. in the meantime though, you can head over to the link below and find Gaz’s socials, as well as the link for his cracking new single ‘Down The Road’.

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