10 Questions with Sam Lambeth

Britain’s Got Talent said no, but the people said yes to the midlands finest, Sam Lambeth who returns with his new band The Four Chords to re-release his self proclaimed catchiest tune yet ‘Nod Your Head’.

Written over 10 years ago, ‘Nod My Head’ takes the simplicity of that initial tune written by a young teenage Sam and turns it into the highly produced, melodic tune we have before us now!

Attempting to move away from his traditional song writing style of love and boy chasing girl, ‘Nod My Head’ shows us the progression in lyrics from his album ‘Love and Exile’ released last year.

After a string of gigs with The Four Chords they have joined up full time to bring us the first single as a group and we can expect more music coming this year!

Our interview with Sam can be found below and may I just say, I apologise as I kept referring to the tune as ‘Nod Your Head’ rather than ‘Nod My Head’. Either way, get stuck in below and let us know what you think of the song!

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