Serenades – Melody

Southampton’s Serenades live up to the name with their second single and first of the year, ‘Melody’.

The band, made up of Keelan Hills (Guitar/Vocals), Adam Cooper (Lead Guitar), Kai Croissant (Drums) and Callum Reilly (Bass), pick up where they left off with their debut single ‘First To Say’ which was a banger in its own right.

Digging into the themes of boy chasing girl heard in their influences such as Arctic Monkeys and Sea Girls, the band said this: “The track was written with ‘Melody’ being the personification of temptation. The song is about how feeding this emotion of temptation rather than ignoring it can lead to someone making mistakes.”

This feeling is reinforced by the chorus simply being “Melody, what have you done to me” which is a question I’m sure all us lads have asked one time or another in our lives. Simplicity is key in this one, engaging the listener to sing along in your mind after one or two listens and trust me, you will hit the repeat button after the first listen!

But the song is way more than that, it is fast paced and energetic, full of drum fills that get your two-step going and guitar riffs which will sound electrifying live.

When they take to the stage for their first headline show in their hometown at Southampton’s The Joiners, ‘Melody’ is certain to get the crowd going.

A quick word on frontman Keelan Hills who’s vocals sound like they’ve come out of the prime indie landfill era, a delightful blend of Pete Doherty and Ricky Wilson.

Stream Below

Serenades – Melody

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