Megan Wyn: A Star In The Making

In an industry and genre predominantly male, women can often find it hard to make their mark on proceedings. However, as we have seen with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Wolf Alice and Black Honey, talent will often prevail and in the case of Megan Wyn, she is a talent destined for greatness.

Despite only releasing her second single ‘Better of You’ on the 25th February 2022, following on from her debut single ‘Polaroid’, the young lady from Anglesey is already making a name for herself, being touted for ‘a big future’ by This Feeling.

I remember saying to one of my friends shortly after ‘Polaroid’ was released last year to keep an eye on Megan, as she is certainly going to be one of those artists you’ll be seeing on the headline stages before long.

Her new single ‘Better of You’ is out now and encompasses all of Megan’s best traits. The vocals are stunning, the lyrics are potent and the vibes are magnificent. The riffs give me pure summer vibes, and as I sit in the sun writing this I feel more relaxed than I have all week.

The song has a simplicity which is hard to ignore, with the chorus being instantly memorable after one listen. This is a great feat for such a young artist and gives her an advantage that when playing live, even for new listeners who may be hearing Megan for the first time, people will be able to dance and sing along.

For fans of Fleetwood Mac and Amy Macdonald, ‘Better of You’ is out now!


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