The Hazy Janes Dominate The Grayston Unity at Hometown Gig

Ellis Best and Bron Bury are the dynamic duo that form Halifax based, blues-rock group The Hazy Janes. Having formed in summer 2021, the pair haven’t hesitated to dive straight into live shows, and there is certainly no lack of professionalism or enthusiasm in their performance. Influenced by Jack White, Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys, the two hold a unique, modern rock sound.

The pair kicked off their imminent, national tour in their hometown of Halifax on Friday 4th March with a gritty, energetic performance that blew all my pre-gig expectations absolutely out of the water. The duo made a bold name for themselves during the hour-long set where frontman Ellis Best struggled to keep himself and his guitar confined to the perimeters of the stage – which was way too small for the magnitude of energy spawning from the two musicians. From the get-go, Best made the audience part of the show by instructing us to ‘F*****g get down!’ as he weaved his way through the crowd and danced with us.

Opening with ‘Yellow Belly Blues’, the whole place was electric. Bury carried the track with an unwavering, heavy beat while Best’s unexpectedly powerful vocals ripped through the air. The bond between the two musicians is evident in their synchronicity and ease of musical communication, and their shared love for the tunes radiated from them. The song can be streamed on Spotify and you will not regret giving The Hazy Jane’s page a follow.

‘I Find It Hard’ was another highlight in the set, starting off moody and slow but building into a crescendo of distorted riffs and a pulsing drumbeat. The Grayston Unity provided a unique, intimate setting for the gig, though I suspect it won’t be long before The Hazy Janes are headlining larger venues. Their constant energy was truly impressive, and Best even took to the bar for a refreshing pint leaving Bury to excel at an extended drum-solo which thrilled the crowd. The duo were forced into an encore by an audience that was nowhere near ready for the end of the show, where a cover of The White Stripe’s ‘Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground’ went down a treat.

Their current tour will see The Hazy Janes playing iconic venues such as Manchester’s Deaf Institute and Bradford’s The Underground. Chatting with the lads post-gig, Best delighted me by confirming that my favourite track from the set is to be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled for new music folks…

Published by Olivia Dennison

Third year English student & creative based in Manchester.

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