Megan Wyn: A Star In The Making

In an industry and genre predominantly male, women can often find it hard to make their mark on proceedings. However, as we have seen with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Wolf Alice and Black Honey, talent will often prevail and in the case of Megan Wyn, she is a talent destined for greatness. Despite onlyContinue reading “Megan Wyn: A Star In The Making”

Serenades – Melody

Southampton’s Serenades live up to the name with their second single and first of the year, ‘Melody’. The band, made up of Keelan Hills (Guitar/Vocals), Adam Cooper (Lead Guitar), Kai Croissant (Drums) and Callum Reilly (Bass), pick up where they left off with their debut single ‘First To Say’ which was a banger in itsContinue reading “Serenades – Melody”

10 Questions with Sam Lambeth

Britain’s Got Talent said no, but the people said yes to the midlands finest, Sam Lambeth who returns with his new band The Four Chords to re-release his self proclaimed catchiest tune yet ‘Nod Your Head’. Written over 10 years ago, ‘Nod My Head’ takes the simplicity of that initial tune written by a youngContinue reading “10 Questions with Sam Lambeth”

Gaz Price Releases his hometown inspired new single ‘Down The Road’

Gaz Price has kicked off his 2022 with his new single ‘Down The Road’. A groovy single full of lovely lead guitar licks, a melodic beat and heartfelt lyrics about his hometown Hartlepool. Inspired by the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses, the young musician shows clear vocal influence from the likes of LiamContinue reading “Gaz Price Releases his hometown inspired new single ‘Down The Road’”

What is happening to the Manchester music scene?

Back in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, Manchester, otherwise known as ‘Madchester’, was revered as the music capital of the UK, with rock, pop, jazz and dance being engrained in the DNA. Manchester brought us Oasis, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, New Order, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks and many more, but in the last 10Continue reading “What is happening to the Manchester music scene?”

Rivita Releases ‘那Nà就 Jiù抱Bào抱Bào我Wǒ’ as a Lunar New Year Celebration

At Talk Tonight HQ, we are always banging on about artists going out of their comfort zone and doing something unexpected, our thinking being it will bring out the best in an artist. Rivita has gone out of her comfort zone with this Chinese inspired Asian-pop tune. Showing versatility as a singer, with the chorusContinue reading “Rivita Releases ‘那Nà就 Jiù抱Bào抱Bào我Wǒ’ as a Lunar New Year Celebration”

Jonny Ash – The Future of Indie Rock n’ Roll

What happens when the Manchester sway infects 4 rockers from North Wales, Wrexham? You get one of the most exciting upcoming bands in the scene! Jonny Ash, consisting of brother Dan (Bass) & Callum (Frontman) Gaughran, Peter Roberts (Lead Guitar) and Mike Jones (Drummer) add to their existing singles ‘We Are The People’ and ‘BoysContinue reading “Jonny Ash – The Future of Indie Rock n’ Roll”

Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)

When Michael returned into our messages with a new single, I was keen to listen. After his releases in 2020 including the ‘Poetic Nonsense’ EP, I was excited to hear the new direction Michael was going to take his music after a well earned break. But nothing could have prepared me for the Leicester localContinue reading “Michael Vickers – Don’t Stop (feat. Isla Wolfe)”

Catfish and the Bottlemen Are Over… Or Are They?

To my dismay, my place of work plays Radio 1 all day, everyday. So that means 9.9 times out of 10, I want to blow my brains out at the relentless Tik Tok songs, the Adele spam and Ed Sheeran sh*te. The occasional Arctic Monkeys record, or Lily Allen throwback or Sam Fender banger areContinue reading “Catfish and the Bottlemen Are Over… Or Are They?”

Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’

Release Date: 17th December 2021 Honestly I feel redundant writing reviews for Mr Stacey but the truth is, he smashes it every single time. In roughly a year or so he has managed to show off more range and talent most “big timers” could muster between them, with songs like ‘Palace Pier’ or even hisContinue reading “Ashley Stacey Does It Again with ‘The Morning Sun’”