Two Weeks Suicide Free… Not Bad

Now for some of you reading that title you’ll be unmoved and unaware how major this is for me, which is ok. But maybe you’re reading the title and resonating with it, and if you are well done! Two weeks is an accomplishment just like one day or 3 years, we all start somewhere andContinue reading “Two Weeks Suicide Free… Not Bad”

New Beginnings and a New Outlook

Now a lot of you have probably noticed from me writing a few blogs prior to this series for the boys over at talk tonight but, I love to write. The feelings of satisfaction and pride as I finish a piece is unbelievable. Genuinely like nothing I can feel anywhere else, and hopefully my passionContinue reading “New Beginnings and a New Outlook”

It’s Been Weird For A Little While Now

I’ll be honest people I don’t know where I’m at, mentally I’m both improving and stagnant. I’ve gotten better with a few things. And worse with just as many. It’s been quite a baffling time for me as a person and I don’t see me coming out of this stronger, possibly not even at allContinue reading “It’s Been Weird For A Little While Now”

There’s Always Something Going On

So in my long and rather saddening history there’s been a few spots of temporary happiness, getting engaged, Leeds getting to the premier league, and one that’s been playing on my mind as of late, my first pregnancy. Now I’m not able to get pregnant as you can imagine but around two years ago IContinue reading “There’s Always Something Going On”